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Making a Reservation for 2020

Reservations for Cabins and RVs only.

(Tenting section is closed except in conjunction

with RV/Cabin rentals.)

Reservation requests started 1/01/2020

1. Please be sure to have read RATES page and

SITE MAP/ GUIDELINES page for changes.

2. Reservation requests are by phone (970-884-2582).

No e-mail reservation requests.

Calls are not answered but will be returned as soon

as possible to respond to your request. Leave a

message that includes your accommodation and date

request, your name and telephone number (repeat

them twice). Return calls are from an 808 area code.

3. After 3/01/2020, you will be notified of your total payment due by credit card to secure reservation.

After approved card transaction a confirmation letter will be mailed to you.

4. Cancellation Policy: 50% of total stay is non-refundable up to 7 calendar days before arrival date.

5. After park is opened (5/21/2020) phone reservations are required. (No e-mail requests)

5 Branches Camper Park

4677 County Road 501A                                 

Bayfield, Colorado 81122                                

Phone: (970) 884-2582


Arrive before dark- There are no street lights in the forest!

Arrival for Rvs/cabins 3 p.m. Please Do not rely on GPS!

West/Eastbound on Hwy 160:

At Bayfield, Co, CR501 light, turn North to Vallecito Lake. (About 16 miles)

Passing Vallecito Resort (DO NOT TURN ON 501-A) Proceed on CR501 along west and north sides of lake until pavement ends. Read 5 Branches sign. Travel approsimately 1.5 miles to a "y" at a blue 21700 address sign. Take right road past Middle Mtn. CG and through Elk Point Lodge access. Turn down the hill to 5 Branches (just passed the Lodge

crossing our bridge over the Pine River.

WELCOME! Please proceed directly to your site. Open and Close gate as necessary.

If you need a map park along our road (Rvs)/trailers), or in the parking lot (cars). Pick up a map on board at Old Office/Store.


Our campground family welcomes you! Rest and Enjoy! Make memories!

And as an old time song said, "Catch a Falling Star and Put It In Your Pocket...

Never Let It Fade Away!"